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Successfully Building A Clientele

Successfully Building A Clientele
From the forward of the book
You purchased this book because you're about to start a health care practice or you wish to expand an existing practice. One element above all others leads to success. That is commitment. Before you read another page, make a commitment to yourself, to your future clients, and to anyone else important in your life. It sounds like this: I will succeed ! ! I will succeed ! ! ! I will succeed ! ! ! ! Write this statement on paper, repeat the idea in your mind and look at it daily. Read it, learn it, live it. Be certain that success for you is imminent. Know it to be a foregone conclusion. Believe it and it must happen. No matter what obstacle stands in your way, never waiver in your commitment that you can and will overcome it. Commit to your success. Commit to yourself The second commitment you make is to select one idea from this book and carry it out from start to finish. You've made an investment of time, money, dedication and effort to develop your skills and knowledge. Communicate that investment to others in such a way that they know how that investment benefits them. In any new venture or human experience, fears may surface. That is only natural and to be expected. Those who succeed recognize their fear, embrace it as if it were a friend, and carry on with their plan of action, no matter what. Those who fail, recognize their fear, build an altar out of it, and worship it until it paralyzes them into inactivity. At that point, their fears become reality. They have then created the very thing they were afraid of -- failure. Remember, you are committed to success. Do you remember? Embrace your fear as your friend and move on. Take the idea you select, begin with the first step and see it through to completion. Then and only then will this book and the time you've spent reading it have been of benefit to you! Committed to your success, Gregory A. Possman


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