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Name Aboutsort descending Body
Sabrina C. Wedding

"Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your motorcycle trip to conduct such a special ceremony for our son. We will always remember how spiritual and touching it was and will always appreciate your kindness."

Mandy Wedding

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for performing mine and Stephen’s wedding ceremony. It was perfect! It was very quaint and special exactly what we wanted. So thank you so much, especially for braving the elements out there! Stephen and I are very excited to be married and it couldn’t have happened without you!"

Mrs. R. Wedding

"Rev. Possman, We just wanted to give you a special thanks for uniting Danielle and Jim. We’re so happy you were able to share in this joyous occasion."

Sophia and Ryan Wedding

"Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help make our day so special. We are blessed to have you as part of our wedding."

Mr & Mrs Snow Wedding

"We wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job with our ceremony on November 7th, 2009. It was perfect! We couldn’t have possibly found someone to do a better job. Everyone said that you did a great job and that they loved the ceremony. We just wanted to say thank you and express our gratitude for your huge role in our special day.We can’t thank you enough."

Traci and William Ammann Wedding

"We wanted to thank you again for making our day special. The ceremony was perfect."

Words from Farra Allen MA Psych. Service

Gregory Possman never ceases to amaze me.  In the twenty years I have known him he always tunes in and comes up with just what needs to be said.  It is always concise, direct, connected with Spirit, and just what I and others needed to hear.  Gregory is calm, assured, and sensitive in his approach at all times.  This creates complete safety in the listeners and this is sooooooooo valuable.  I recommend him highly, you would be fortunate to interract with him.Farra Allen, MA Psych., Director of LifeWorks School of Coaching www.LifeWorksSch

Our Thanks, Service

Hi Gregory: My son and myself would like to express a Heartfelt appreciation your way! Much gratitude to Sandie for supporting your work throughout the years. We as a family have received so many precious gifts from you and the masters. Our lives have been enhanced to a degree beyond our belief. My son adores AA Michael and sees him as a mentor in spiritual and personal matters. The other day when My son talked to Michael on his own it brought tears to my eyes. It really is a miracle. My son was talking to his Guardian Angel. He called it a very humbling experience.

Donna Rohlf PHD, New York, N.Y. - Mat Testimonial Class

Dear Gregory,I've attended 100's of workshops but have never felt moved to write to a workshop leader. This is itself says so much. Your loving presence and the Manifestation Techniques that have come through you have worked in an astounding way for me. I have begun to effortlessly complete a book and write articles. Thank you so much for increasing my ability to serve our creator.

Linda T. Southeastern England, UK. - Mat Testimonial Class

Something both Michael Low and I noticed was the removal of toxic waste not only via the breath but through the bowel - so it seems all the internal systems are speeded up!! Secondly on day two I asked for more SRT clients and the same afternoon I had six telephone enquiries plus three enquiries for massage! Also I had asked for a laptop computer and this last weekend a girlfriend of mine who is off traveling the world for 5 months has offered me hers to use whilst she's away and I didn't even know she had one!

Marianne Class

Just a small note to thank you for the workshop this weekend. I enjoyed it so much, and still feel the impact of the words from the chanelings, and especially the trip to Sirius. The ceremony of the stones touched my heart. Thank you for the great work you do, I understand it must be stressful to travel and move from place to place, during your stay in Scandinavia. You are a patient man, listening to a lot from people, and never seem to get too much. Anyway, thank you, and looking forward to next time, and also to the Skype sessions, hope you will keep on forever. With a thankful heart.

Greetings Kirsten from Ribe, Denmark Event

Dear Gregory

I just wish to say thank you so much!! The last days with you have been fantastic and I am so greatfull that I know someone like you, who manages to help me in my process every time I feel stuck. Thanks!!
I have also got the Radical forgiveness Worksheet, so I will now continue with the work and not just do the screaming in the car and banging the pillows.  After yesterday’s workshop I have had the best sleep I've had in months, so thank you Gregory and thanks to the Siriuns also. 

Greetings Kirsten from Ribe

Eve Private Intensive

"My daughter and I worked with Gregory for three days...issues became clearer and healing has begun...barriers were broken from within and without...the work is facilitated from the heart. God bless you, Gregory." Eve Kerwin 'White Buffalo Woman' Shamanic Healer and Trance Channel.

Tamarra Private Intensive

"An Intensive with Gregory is the metaphysical equivalent of having an organ transplant. You dread it going in, know it's necessary, and then rediscover life in a new way once it's done. Greg is not only skilled in the connection between psychological and physiological, he brings in that third ingredient of soul connection, which ties the other two together. Within days after finishing my Intensive, I felt integrated in a way that I've never felt. It was as if my antenna that had been stuck on the same old program for years had all of the sudden tuned into new frequencies.

Donna Private Intensive

"Attending Gregory's three-day intensive empowered me to make the quantum leap I had been looking for. With Gregory's abilities of channeling and counseling, spirit brought forth the wisdom and guidance, allowing me to heal on all levels. Since visiting North Carolina my life has changed dramatically and as the weeks and months go by it continues to accelerate!" Donna Rosenberg, Ontario, Canada

Stephanie Private Intensive

"Thanks you for the loving hospitality and restful intensive days of my life. I appreciate the generosity and good will which I received from both of you. I loved the work, the conversations the kayaking, hiking, anger release, crying, hot tub, laughing and watching "The Holiday" and television together. It was great! You are great. So am I." Stephanie S.

A True Fairy Tale from a Danish Client Private Session

Gregory, I must tell you a story from the real world where you have made a difference. This is the love I have always known existed, but never before have met.

Virginia M. Private Session

Gregory,Thank you so very much for all of your continued support. You work, in my opinion, is the best there is. Because of your work I am getting better all the time. With gratitude

Anonymous Private Session
Original Testimonial from Anonymous.
Whew........ I am so renewed, and in a much better place since I had my session with you yesterday. The God Source that came in was most Heartwarming, and came in with the highest integrity. I like this new energy we are in now..... 
Lahaarija Private Session

Gregory,I wanted to tell you that personally I am doing great these days, mostly in part due to the last two channelings I have had.  Thank you for scheduling those readings promptly when I needed them.  I now feel my life is really becoming the peaceful, balanced and harmonious reality I have always longed for.  I am living proof of your deep committment to assist all who seek the Truth!  You are a great friend to me and I APPRECIATE YOU!