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Reducing Religious Hatred: Planet Earth, Jalil Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala July 28, 2016

 channeled by: Gregory Ashid Possman.


     We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala. We are the 12th seat of the Council known as Jalil. We would ask you to breathe.  Open to all of the aspects of your soul and so give yourself permission to flow forward in gratitude.  We wish to express gratitude for all the work of your group (Earth healing group)..  Accept gratitude from us for the willingness to accept and continue leadership of your group and for the infusion of an initiation or invitation.  To those steeped in hatred, regarding their religious belief systems, for indeed a great deal has been accomplished.  In the issuance of this invitation, to decrease and ultimately completely and totally terminate this hatred for one another we will prevail. This hatred is based upon an individual's beliefs in a certain religious dogma. 

     Remember that this has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years on your planet.  This is not something that will change overnight and in truth it is not fully fired or fueled by religious beliefs.  It is of course more likely that individuals seek power and they seek control over those whose minds easily influenced by such beliefs. It is to understand that the human brain when born is like an open book.  It is seeking something to believe in and if it is not highly disciplined in its initial stages of creation it is easily influenced by the beliefs of others. When these beliefs are not present in its initial state, then it is easily altered by those who seem to make sense and those who seem to be passionate about their belief system.  This process has been going on for quite some time, so it is important to understand that shifting and changing this reality will clearly take time.

     A good start has taken place. We will continue to work with you and your group on this process.  It will absolutely change the outcome of the planet earth.  It is unfortunate that such a path has been entered into by certain individuals however it and all other things taking place are perfect.  It is a challenge and an opportunity to shift and change the planet on its path forward.  That is what matters.  That is what is important.  We would ask you to breathe and to be open to the possibility of ultimate peace on your planet.  We say a good start has been made and that is what is most important.  As the energy continues to increase and to flow in this process we believe that great progress can continue to be made, Give yourself permission to feel the effects of positive change in this area, regardless of the reports of continued attacks and continued hatred amongst both Christian and Islamic or Muslim religions.

     None of this hatred was ever to be born in the original mind of those who created these belief systems but to understand that present humanity has indeed allowed their own hatred to become a part of this process.  Unfortunate, but true and therefore we will continue to work with you and all on the planet to do whatever is necessary to shift and change this process as best we can.  Allow yourself to breathe and imagine you are grieving for the entire earth healing group as we continue to flow forward in this process of shift and change.  It is important, it is critical and from our perspective it will take place.