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Pendulum Plus by Jan Moore

Tired of feeling stuck? Looking for a way to escalate access to information on your own?

Pendulum Plus by Jan Moore has an excellent description of how to correctly use a pendulum to receive information from one's higher self.

This is an educational and practical guide to using your pendulum. The guide comes complete with a beautiful pendulum and the charts will help you with the following:

  1. Astrology issues,
  2. physical issues,
  3. bodily organs challenged,
  4. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies,
  5. Herb remedies needed,
  6. Crystals and essences
  7. Perelandra Essences and Bach remedies needed.
  8. Elements and Moon phases.
  9. Essences and remedies needed.
  10. Spontaneious or past life issues.


Price: $19.95
Weight: 7 oz
Dimensions: 11 in × 8.6 in × 0.3 in