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Be Present, Pay Attention, Take Action

Be Present, Pay Attention, Take Action... By Gregory Ashid Possman The sign in front of the church I passed on my drive to the airport said "Pray for good crops and keep hoeing anyway." Sometimes genius jumps in front of me and I miss it. Luckily, this time I caught it. My thought was: a good harvest or crops come if you pray, water the seeds, fertilize, weed, keep hoeing and eliminate the pests. Traveling on to the airport, having parked the car in the long term parking lot I was waiting for the bus to the terminal. A fellow passenger,  on his way to a trade show, explained to me that his company performs a service taking thermal pictures from the sky to reveal subterranean leaks in water pipes. He showed me a giant rolled map of one such city and then explained how the process is also used to identify pests like insects in fields of crops, both above and below ground. This was the most informative ride to the terminal I've ever enjoyed as my journey proceeded . Realizing all of these messages related to something in my life, I begin to associate them with my listless attitude toward our computer website, created long ago and revised once more a year ago. The website is like my farm. I've continued to pray for a good crop, (more people and visitors to the site) but the hoeing or weeding on the site stopped long ago. I, the farmer, got lazy. I kept praying and dropped not only the hoe, but all the other tools, hoping the prayers would create the crop I wanted with the website. My American Webmaster warned me, countless times, my Danish Webmaster warned me frequently:  DEAD CROP WARNING!!!Others warned me as well, however the only one who paid no attention was me.Did God\Goddess, my higher self, get tired of a lazy farmer? Apparently.Though I don't believe our higher self ever gives up, as was obvious by the intensive client I worked with in the middle of June. Unbeknownst to me she had spent the last three years, studying and making a living, using joint internet ventures. Her message: my website had died and NOT gone to heaven.I killed it by not weeding out old content and not keeping it current. No new seeds had been planted in a long time. Having concluded a thorough conversation with this sponsor and client, bubbling with enthusiasm, I called my webmaster, asking about changes we might make to revive the website. After patiently listening, he explained that "change for the sake of change, makes no sense." Now the message is clear. We revive the farmer first, then we prepare the field, then we grow some crops. I was always good at putting the cart before the horse!In a land far far away, I had channeled  Arch-Angel Michael, and he said: Be Present, Pay Attention and Take Action, Act! I heard those words as I channeled and I copied them in my  "to do"  list so I could write an article about the wisdom implied. You're reading that article now. What were those words?Be Present: Be alert to the feedback and messages received from all the sources in the universe i.e. the sponsor\client, the webmaster, the sign in front of the church, the man on the airport bus, and the dead website's lack of results.Pay Attention: Receive the message: start weeding the farm called the website. Feed it, water it, put energy into it and perhaps a good crop will result. That's the message if I pay attention.Take Action: Start a Blog in the website and make regular contributions to it. Update old content; give visitors to the site new items of value and wisdom. See the site as a tool to create relationships, not as an expense.Keep it current!  Invest in myself. Change my attitude and thereby increase my altitude, ironic, given I wrote this article as I was traveling on an airplane to Miami!  Pour energy into the website knowing it will return to me one hundred fold. Isn't that what I tell my clients? There are two kinds of people in the world, those who make things happen in their lives and those who wait for things to happen. Regarding the website, I know which kind of person I've been!Perhaps you too have a dead or dying farm in your life. Perhaps, like me, you even have a dead or dying website somewhere out there in cyberspace. It may not be a dead website you're contending with, but there's something in your life that needs an awakened farmer tending it. There is something you could revive which would make you happy.  Invest in yourself with energy, time, money or effort and see what happens. Maybe like me, you're a farmer whose let the field lie in waste, going to weed, praying for a good crop and not yet having realized it. Is it possible, all you need to  do is show some seeds, feed and water, do a bit of weeding with the hoe and watch some phenomenal crops grow in that old field? Let us not forget my advisors, thanks to those I've mentioned in this article. You know who you are. I hope you'll monitor my success as a farmer. I look forward to your feedback so I can Be Present, Pay Attention and Take Action!