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Christmas in Indiana

As always, I had mixed emotions about what my upcoming trip to the city where I grew up would bring.  On my way to the airport, I wondered what this journey would result in.  A little over a year ago,   my sister's only son Patrick, had passed away, I was on my way back to South Bend, Indiana, where I had spent several years of my boyhood.   The Christmas season had just begun and my own Christmas spirit was exploding.  Our Christmas tree had been up for a week, the outdoor lights had been hung for over two weeks, and all the decorations in our home were already in place.  It had been over three years since I had visited my sister and her home.  I was to sleep in my deceased nephew’s bedroom.  Having slept in several of my deceased relative’s bedrooms upon visits to other family members, this usually created some anxiety.  On this occasion, however, there was no anxiety whatsoever.  I actually looked forward to reconnecting with my nephew in some way, by being so close to some of his possessions.  Even to me, that seemed a little morbid.Having arrived with no travel delays, whatsoever, I picked up my rental car at the airport in South Bend, rigged the GPS unit and drove to my Sister and Brother in Law’s home. The sky was overcast and it seemed a bit dreary.  We spent a wonderful evening just chatting and enjoying dinner. The next day, my Brother-in-law and my niece, and I drove up to Dewey Lake in Michigan, where, as a child, I had spent many an enjoyable summer.  I have to admit the resort looked very dated, in need of serious remodeling, yet it still brought back many wonderful memories.  The resort was closed for the season and all of the metal beach toys, rafts, slides and various pier implements were piled on the beach.  Having become more traveled, certainly a bit more sophisticated, and older, perhaps even wiser, I realized that even if the resort were open, I would never return there.  That evening, having returned to Osceola, Indiana, my female cousin Lesley hosted a pizza party and we reminisced about old times, family experiences, and I learned a number of things I didn't know.  After a lot of laughter and with a newfound familiarity my sister and I returned to her home.  The previous day, my Sister had sent me an SMS or Text message asking if I were willing to assist her in decorating her home for Christmas.  I had agreed with enthusiasm.  Somehow, a healing was about to take place.  I would like to think that my presence played some part in her willingness to celebrate the holiday.  We decorated the Christmas tree,And that was a great experience for both of us.  The tree was beautiful, and my sister really enjoyed the process.  The next day we went for breakfast, and began to have a conversation about the passing of my nephew Patrick.  It had been a little over a year since he had died, having been my sister's only son and only child.  As could be expected, she still missed him terribly.  My sister is very familiar with my work and she asked if I could feel Patrick's presence.  I said that I had not felt it for quite a long time, having assumed that he had moved on in his own spiritual path.  She said that she had not felt his presence for a while either, although sometimes it came and went.  In my belief system, when we no longer feel the presence of the energy of those who have died, it means that they have chosen a new path in their process.  Since I am living on the earth, and I can only go by the information I have channeled, it's difficult to know what truth is and what is the story that I make up in my mind about all of this.I stated to my sister, that in my experience, the souls on the other side who have passed out of this earth can often be more concerned about their surviving relative’s well-being, than they are about their own well-being.  It also seems to be a truth that our concern for them holds them back.  When we heal that concern and release our fear, it allows them to move forward.  We both shared a tear or two over this conversation and reminisced about Patrick, his life, and our lives.  It was an intimate conversation, and I felt closer to my sister, Lee Ann, then I had in a long time.  She expressed her gratitude for our conversation and felt that it helped her in some way.  As a father, I cannot imagine the sense of loss I would experience were I to lose a child.  I have not had that experience.  And if I am to have it, I certainly don't look forward to it.  The next day, Sunday, we had tickets to tour the mansion in South Bend that had been built by the Oliver family.  James Oliver had been an industrialist in the 1800’s and 1900’s in South Bend.  He had researched and developed a process for smelting plows over 45 years. His success was phenomenal and unmatched by any of his competitors.  He and his family became wealthy, selling these plows all over the world.  His impact on the South Bend area was tremendous.  He donated an Opera Hall and a City Hall to the town.At the height of production, his plant employed 2,600 people.  His son, James Oliver Junior, built the mansion we toured.  My sister was curious as to whether or not I might experience the energy of some spirits in the building.  As we toured the mansion we enjoyed beautiful, vintage, Christmas decorations. In three places, I did experience the presence of some ghosts.  Interestingly enough to me, these were not spirits who had lived in the mansion, but rather had moved in at some point from other locations.  I asked one of the docents or tour guides if she had ever experienced a similar feeling.  She informed me that there were no ghosts in the house and that if there were; they would be the ghosts of Christmas decorations that had not been used.  That made no sense to me, but it sounded like a safe answer to give people touring the home.  As we finalized our tour we took some photographs of the home from the outside.  My sister lent me a book about the Oliver's success. I found the book fascinating and inspiring.  I also realized that I had read very little in the way of history about successful people.  Most of my reading had been science-fiction, mysteries, and history of the Native Americans in the United States.  I resolved to begin reading about successful people so I could motivate myself to accomplish more.  I've not yet chosen my next book, however I have faith it will come to me easily.My journey to my old stomping grounds, South Bend, Indiana, had been one of the most enjoyable I had ever experienced.  Reconnecting with relatives, family, and places I had been familiar with as a boy was very satisfying.  I learned a great deal of local history that I had never been aware of as a child.  It impressed upon me the importance of timing and the truth that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  My Sister once again taught me a great deal for which I am very grateful. Any anxiety I had about making the journey was unfounded and some healing I didn’t anticipate was a part of the reward for undertaking the trip. May your future journeys bring you as much as this one brought to me! All the best.