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Manifesting with Light #2 The Advanced Process


Askos, Sonos and Kronos, the Siriuns, as well as the Pleidians bring forth additional information to improve our efficiency in terms of Manifesting with Light.  In this process, additional adjustments will are made in the physical body, the Auric field and the Etheric Lining increasing our ability to receive and process the energy brought forth by the extraterrestrials.  adjustments continue to improve the speed with which we can manifest based upon the earth’s changing energies. Having listened to the  first Manifesting with Light process will help to ensure these changes.  As we continue to deal with challenging times on our planet, it is most comforting to have the assistance of highly evolved beings who have our best interest at heart. Attendees have confirmed the power of these adjustments. .  You will  receive the audio file for download purposes which becomes your property.  You may listen to the transmission as many times as necessary (based on your intuition) to improve your connection to the process, the Siriuns and the Pleidians.

Cost: $44.00
Price: $44.00