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Køge Channeled Evening September 27, 2017

Køge Channeled Evening September 27, 2017

With Gregory Ashid Possman (USA)

Translation by Nia Freja Tved.


Quan Yin will begin this evening by taking us through a process of not only healing but also connecting at a much deeper level with your soul. She will begin by healing old experiences in this lifetime. And then we will move on to healing experiences that affect the physical in this lifetime. Then she  shall open your third eye so that you can see more clearly. This will be a powerful process of healing in t many different areas, not only of the body but also of one's life.

The Archangel Michael will come through and will be working with increasing your feeling of power, and dominion over this world, not so that you may become a king or a queen but so that you may become King or Queen of your own creation. The Archangel will help us develop A greater feeling of empowerment, a sense of choice a greater sense of the ability to decide, enhancing your ability to move forward in the path you have chosen in this life.

The one who is called the Ancient of Days, one of the 72 names of God will  come forth, more deeply integrating  the processes of the evening so that you may be able to go out into the world and create more, making a difference in your own life and making a difference in the lives of those around you. This will enhance your will to live, increasing your desire to create deeper and deeper experiences in your being. We look forward to joining and merging with you and we encourage you to join us

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 -
19:00 to 21:00

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