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Jalil-Duality into Unity / Mary-Soul Light Exchange

Two distinct entities, one seemingly masculine and one seemingly feminine, take you through two distinct processes. The first is 30 minutes. The Second is 25 minutes and 15 seconds.
You'll begin with Jalil, Twelfth seat of the Council of Shambhala by: 
Establishing a stronger connection to your soul.
• Exchanging Light between your soul, heart, mind and body.
• Finding greater peace and acceptance in your life.
• Bonding with the priests of Melchezidek, Priests of the Great White Brotherhood
• And the White priest of Atlantis. 
• Encouraging the soul to deliver it’s peace and acceptance into the body.
• Accepting all of one’s own creation, with gratitude rather than judgement.
You’ll continue with the feminine energy of Mary in process #2 by: 
• Sending love and healing into the soul from the body, mind and spirit.
• Opening to the multitude of messages the soul has to offer the mind.
• Programming the breath to exchange energy with the soul  upon each inhalation.
• Exterminate all fears and anxieties through the use of Soul Light.
These powerful exercises complement one another which is why they are presented together!
Price: $14.95