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Integrating a New Spiritual Imprint

Integrating a New Spiritual Imprint

Sananda, the Ancient of Days and Vywamus



  • Clears us of the deepest blockages, obstacles and energies within our etheric lining, auric field, emotional body’s mental bodies and physical bodies. 
  • Sananda will open these areas of darkness or blockage to light, allowing them to be cleansed healed and prepared. 

The Ancient of Days

  • Increases our bodies’ access to our soul,
  • Then attunes us to the new energies of the earth plane. 


  • Acclimates us to various crystals from deep within the earth.  This will align our bodies and our minds to the energy of new expectations, new experiences and new abilities.

This is a powerful process of cleansing and reawakening.

90 minutes in duration

Personal investment: $44.00 USD

Price: $44.00