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Highlights from West Central England Trip

Highlights from the trip with Gregory to West Central England

September 25 – 29, 2014

  Stephanie Moen, Norway

“Hit it hard and hit it fast”

This journey started in a “bumpy” way. The van we hired for this trip did not turn up as agreed, which caused our first delay. Later as we were driving towards Glastonbury, we ended up in very narrow roads in the countryside, away from the main road. It took us quite some time to get to Glastonbury. 

Later that first evening, the group received a message from Vywamus telling us the reason for our delay - that there were those being who didn’t want this group to perform their light work, because we would be very powerful as a group. But we made it!

And the reason why we ended up in these narrow roads was because these places had dark energy that needed to be cleansed. So already on our way to Glastonbury we did our work in an unconsciously way. We didn’t have to do anything – just be together as a group. No waving of our hands, no visualization, no praying – just be together!

The schedule of this journey was tight and intense, so therefore we were invited by Vywamus to hit everything we did hard and fast – this was a “laser spiritual achievement”.

The next day we went to 4 different places: Glastonbury Tor (portal in to the Earth), Well’s Cathedral, Glastonbury Abbey and Chalice Wells.

We had a great meditation at the Tor (six gate channeled journey into the earth beneath the Tor). According to Archangel Michael, Glastonbury Tor is one of the most powerful places on this planet.

It was a lot of fog when we arrived and started the meditation, but by the time we finished, the fog had gone and it was an incredible view from the Tor – a real wow-factor!



The most rewarding thing for me (consciously) was healing our past lives – first at Well’s Cathedral – being witches - burn at the stake, then other past lives in other places.

We also did some energy work in the lady’s chapel, because of old beliefs of women being less worthy than men. We were able to do our work without the priest in the church preventing us from doing it, thanks to the men in the group who tried to make them focus on something else. Teamwork = Power group!

Later that day, we went to Glastonbury Abbey – A place were we in previous lifetimes had to give away children we gave birth to as nuns and more. This is a very beautiful spot with lots of old memories.

In the afternoon, we went to Chalice Wells. Chalice Wells is also a beautiful garden with the sign “The Vesica Piscis” (two circles overlapping) several places.

The energy at Chalice Wells is very peaceful, quiet and feminine. So we received an infusion of feminine energy there. And of course, we had a drink of water from the lion’s mouth (further up) in order to honouring our female side. I have later heard that this water is rejuvenating.

On Saturday we left Glastonbury early, heading for Tintagel. The first day in Tintagel we visited Merlin’s cave. What a challenging journey inside the cave. But that’s what it’s like to be a pilgrim.

We had to take our shoes off to walk through water and slippery rocks inside, and into the depth of the cave where relatively few people have visited.

I didn’t like it in there at first, but after Gregory channeled Merlin and some others, I felt more comfortable in there. We learned that back in time we would test to see if God had faith in us, and we would wait until the tide got so high it was a struggle to get out of the cave. Some made it, but those who didn’t was brought back to sea when the tide got low again.

Later that day we walked up above the cave to Tintagel Castle/Cliff. We also did some energy work up there – strengthening the energy shield above where we are sitting in this photo. We also did some other healing work – soul releases to those we did committed – those who lost their lives because of us.

The next day, we went to a place called “Rocky Valley” or as we call it “Power Valley”. On the way to this valley, we passed the “Labyrinth wall” – two ancient labyrinths on a stonewall - Really cool. This is one of them:

The main work we did in “Power Valley”, was to release events where power has been taken away from us. And we placed that energy in one of the stones from Birgitte’s and Karin’s Satnam and threw it into the water below. And we also took our power back in this valley – This is why we now call it “The Power Valley”.


After this power boost – What else does Tintagel have to offer? The best has yet to come: St. Nectan’s Glen Waterfall.

This is like coming to Neverland or shall we say Fairyland. Look at this landscape and look at the orbs in the photo below – real magic.


Our trip to South West England was really packed with many impressions, events and initiations – it was a very intense trip. What earlier took 25 years to achieve in spiritual growth we did in just 4 days - pooh! We did indeed hit it hard and fast!

I could of course have done this work from home as I usually do, but being in the actual places is much more powerful and faster than doing this from home. Several past life memories are still coming to me from these places - not hard and fast, as I want to, but one piece at a time.

So if you get a chance to go to West Central England, do not hesitate to pay Glastonbury, Wells and/or Tintagel a visit. It’s really worth it – I can’t wait to get back.

All the work we did is very important – not only for our self, but also for the entire Planet. So you might say - this is and has been an earth healing journey from a to z.

Thank you Gregory for sharing this with us and bringing us to all this magnificent places, and thanks to all of you who joined me on this trip – a lifetime memory. I feel so grateful and honored to be member of such a powerful group.

Thank you!