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Donald J. Trump:USA President, Council of Shambhala: Channeled Message Reaction

Channeled November 9, 2016

6a.m. via Gregory Ashid Possman.

Jalil, Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala.

      We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala we are the Twelfth seat of the Council known as Jalil. First let us say; all things are not what they appear. It is wise to stick to one's principles it is wise to allow oneself to keep a heart that is open, open to love, open to tolerance and open to a positive and bright future. There will be the rantings and ravings of many and there will be fear placed in the hearts of many but it is to remember that love is the opposite of fear and no matter what appears to be on the surface, all of the work, all of the love and all of the healing that is taking place has its place. It is wise to allow oneself to remember exactly what the man wrote a few days ago; he said; you may not be able to change the world, but you can change your world, the world around your immediate world. So those who are skeptical will say that you are living in a bubble. They will say that you are burying your head in the sand, they will say that you are ignoring the facts.  That is what your critics will say.

      Your soul on the other hand will speak differently and your soul will remind you that you are the creator of your reality. No matter what it seems,  when those who are in power make promises they cannot keep, make what you would call challenges they cannot win and create threats, it is important to remember to look around and notice the reality. Notice the truth and notice  that indeed there is a certain natural order to the Earth and no human being, no political party, no country nor any government can upset that balance more than temporarily. All will be restored. That balance, no matter what it is now, will be restored when the shift in sacred geometry from 12 to 13 begins to kick in. Indeed when the Earth continues to cleanse itself, as the Earth Healing Group has done its cleansing, you will find that the sacred nature of geometry and the sacred nature of the earth itself will preside and prevail. This nature is one of love, it is one of tolerance and it is still one of peaceful cohabitation.

      It is wise to remember that even though the divine blueprint may seem to be upset, it is never ever going to be overthrown or shifted or changed by any country, government or leader. It is exactly what it has always been designed to be and it is wise to remember this. it is wise to place this into one thought pattern and to remember there are no boundaries even though there are lines that signify countries. The earth itself was created by the Creator and creation continues to be influenced by each spiritual being on the planet. Sooner or later there will be unity and there will be one way and the peaceful aspect of social shift and change will take over. It is important to remember this; it is important to allow one's heart to be at peace and to be calm throughout what might be called the storm, for just as a storm wears itself out, just as the sun rises once again and calm is restored, so shall calm the restored once more. This is important to remember.