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Creating Objectives for a Balanced Life

Creating Objectives for a Balanced Life Meditation
Meditation One:     Adjusting the Ego for Change
after Gregory Calms  us down and creates a peaceful state within us,  We then:
  • Prepare for a conversation with the ego
  • Negotiate an agreement with the ego to accept change. 
  • Convince the ego that these changes do not mean our death.  
  • Adjust the ego to accept major changes without rejection..
  • Increase our capacity to accept change in a loving, supporting environment.
This process will give you a head start on making changes in your life without rejection.  The phrase: “if you always do what you always did you’ll always get what you always got” is the reason for this thing to this meditation.  Shift your ego’s attitude about change and you can welcome that change into your life.  
Meditation Two:       Creating Objectives for a Balanced Life Meditation
Gregory centers  us in the heart.  We then:
  • Focus on the loving people in our lives.
  • Work on improving the relationships with our loved ones.
  • Focus on new experiences, healing our bodies, prosperity, and spiritual practices.
  • Improve our relationship with fun, travel, and material possessions.
  • Focus on our relationship with our ancestors.
In this creative visualization, Gregory questions us on how we can live a more balanced life.  Time is given so that answers to these questions may be written down on paper.  The process is designed to reveal to you activities, desires and new challenges that have been trapped in your unconscious.  The overall intention being to create a more balanced life in the year to come.  Gregory has used this process in numerous workshops to inspire others.  Now, you too can take advantage of this experience.  
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