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“Salty and Sweet” Asheville Retreat With Gregory Ashid Possman, Psychic Trance Channel April 27- April 29, 2018.

“Salty and Sweet” Asheville Retreat

Asheville, NC, USA

With Gregory Ashid Possman, Psychic, Trance Channel

Friday, April 27, 2018 to Sunday, April 29, 2018


I love spring, mountains, waterfalls, good friends, forests, gardens and channeling. This weekend retreat highlights everything I love into one peak experience. We gather in the Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. This weekend will combine beautiful natural settings in the mountains with channeled healing, information and empowerment. The focus will be on reconnecting to Mother Earth while exploring other realms simultaneously. From the Salt Cave Spa in Asheville to the Hot Springs north of Asheville, beautiful gardens, one of my favorite gorgeous waterfalls, hardwood forests, and a powerful Riverside hike, this will be a Spring recharging and renewal experience. I invite you to join me by private car*, easily enjoying nature, performing ceremony, experiencing channelings, and having fun.  Treat yourself to three days happily exploring Mother Earth, the beauty and the adventure of the Mountains.  We'll have time to visit powerful sites while getting to know one another.  This intimate, sacred experience is designed to heal past lives, discover spiritual connections and ground with Mother Earth in these ancient sites simultaneously deepening our relationship with the Masters.


  • DAY 1... Friday April 27, 2018, arrive in Asheville North Carolina where Gregory will meet you at the hotel). Please arrive by 2pm so we can proceed to the Asheville Salt Spa for a group, channeled introductory cleansing and healing led by Askos and the Siriun Medical Team. Air in the therapeutic salt cave is intensely saturated with negative ions, while the salt rock crystals in the cave release 84 trace elements and minerals which are essential to the homeostasis of our bodies. With 20 tons of pure pink salt, you will experience the micro climate of a salt mine. this climate is created by maintaining the specific temperature and humidity levels found in a naturally occurring cave.  The salt in the cave comes from three mins in Pakistan, from over 500 meters below the earth's surface, and is over 250 million years old. It is anti-bacterial, un contaminated by dirt, and free of toxins and pollutants. Afterward, we’ll attend the famous Asheville Drumming circle (in the park downtown). After a short Walk about, we will dine together.


  • DAY 2... Saturday, April 28, after breakfast we will meet and journey to the NC arboretum, a giant garden and forest where Gregory will channel for us as we walk through the acreage. We have all morning to discover this beautiful natural collection of trees and plants as we connect with Mother Earth, healing ourselves and our planet. Gregory will channel Quan Yin in the Bonsai Garden. An exhibit featuring the merger of Native American healing practices using natural plants will also be available. Afterward, we’ll drive to Brevard, NC (land of the waterfalls) and have lunch in the Twin Dragons restaurant. We then drive to Looking Glass Falls. Descend into the Grotto to a, a magical spot where Gregory will channel the Spirit of the Falls and (weather permitting) you can bathe in the clean, clear water. The brave can swim into the Falls and enjoy the vortex. We’ll have dinner together afterward.


  • DAY 3...  Sunday April 29, 2018.     After Breakfast, we’ll travel the short distance to the quaint town of Hot Springs, North Carolina.  We’ll enjoy an easy hike along the serene and gorgeous Laurel River, experiencing another channeling by the Ancient of Days. Having enjoyed plenty of “river” time, we head into the village of Hot Springs for lunch. After exploring the village we’ll wander over to the Hot Springs for a soak in the healing mineral water. (Bring bathing suit, towel and flip-flops). Afterward, we will drive South to Asheville for an enjoyable dinner together.


  • Day 4    Monday April 30th, this will be the day of departure. Those who drove in are free to start their Journey whenever they desire and those who flew in will depart from the Asheville airport. This will give you a good night’s sleep before your journey home. Should you wish a private session with Gregory after our weekend terminates, this will be the day to pursue that opportunity.


This itinerary is subject to change due to Weather and\or safety of participants.


Land portion includes:

                Entrance fees to all attractions on the itinerary.

                All Ceremonies and Channelings related to the journey.


You are responsible for:

all meals on the trip portion.

your accommodations during the journey.

   (Gail has graciously offered to house two guests first come first served.)

*Local participants are welcome to stay in their own homes. Transportation will be by personal car and volunteers for driving are appreciated. Although we’d love you to attend the entire event, you may choose the portions you desire. Investment for individual portions follow:

Asheville salt spa and drumming circle:         $59.00

NC arboretum:                                               $59.00

Looking Glass Falls:                                       $59.00

Laurel River walk (hot Springs)                       $59.00

Hot Springs healing session (hot Springs)      $59.00


Recommended Lodging for Out of Town Visitors:

Homewood Suites by Hilton. (located very close to Gail’s) Beautiful lobby and hot breakfast included. Indoor pool and hot tub. Save money by sharing a suite. Suites can accommodate three people.

88 Tunnel Road,

Asheville, NC  28806

(828) 684-1486.


Personal investment for this trip is $299.00 USD (double occupancy). 

Deposit of $150.00 USD is required by March 30, 2018 to reserve your space.  

The balance of $149.00 USD must be paid by April 10, 2018.  Space is limited to 16 people, to avoid disappointment, send your deposit now by Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard or USD Cash. Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive a packet with the updated itinerary, your registration materials and a list of items to bring. 


Contact Sandie Possman at +1 828-265-3493 (USA) or Email:  


Due to the proximity of this journey, anyone cancelling will forfeit 100% of their deposit. 





(Please send the completed form to



(Name as it appears on your Passport/Birth Certificate used for travel) 


Prefer to be called: ____________________________________


Home PH: ______- ____________ Mobile PH: ______-  ____________

Address: ________________________ City: ______________

Postal/Zip Code:  ________Country: ___________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________

Dietary Requirements_______________________________________________

I would like to Room with: _____________________________________________________


We will be accepting payment by PayPal, Visa, Master Card, USD cash. 

Please email Sandie for the information you will require to complete this transaction.  

Disclaimer:  All passengers assume personal liability for any damages or accidents incurred during this trip.  The Possman’s cannot be responsible or liable for loss, damage or theft of personal luggage and belongings, nor be held liable for personal injury, accident or illness.  The Possman’s act only as agents in securing transportation and other travel services and in no event, shall the Possman’s be liable in the event of any failure by any persons or company to render any transportation, lodging or other services to be provided on the tour.  All transportation and other travel services are provided to tour members subject to all the terms and conditions under which they are offered to the public generally.  The Possman’s nor any of their agents, representatives or co-facilitators shall be held liable for any personal injury, property loss or other damage to any tour member sustained on the tour, whether arising out of any loss occasioned by neglect, default, strikes, wars, hostilities, civil disturbances or resulting directly or indirectly by act of God or incident to the tour or otherwise.  Any loss occasioned by neglect, default, strikes, wars, hostilities, civil disturbances or resulting directly or indirectly by act of God is subject to the same responsibility clause outlined within this agreement.  The tour member shall consider the acceptance of the initial service to be provided under the tour an acceptance of these conditions.  The carriers and transportation companies whose services are featured on this tour are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not aboard their respective conveyances. You May purchase travel insurance at