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Channeled Evening, Ribe, Denmark

Thursday, January 19, 2017 -
19:00 to 21:00

A Spiritual Evening with the Angels

A Channeled evening

With Psychic Trance Channel, Gregory Ashid Possman.

Ribe, Denmark, Thursday, January 19, 7 PM to 9 PM.

First to come through will be Archangel Raphael, who will assemble a healing team and work with us on healing the mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. Archangel Gabriel will then come through and deepen our connection to our guides, teachers, councils, and ancestors. Gabriel will also administer a clearing for the local area in Ribe of any negative energies. Archangel Michael will open us to our power, for creation in the year 2017. This year of beginnings will require flexibility, creativity and openness, which Michael will help us establish within our bodies. The Angel Cassandra may join us to finish the evening with her feminine love and tenderness. Join us for a powerful angelic evening in the oldest city in Denmark!

Channeled Workshop, Ribe, Denmark

Mid Winter-Healing, Light Infusion and Joy!

A Channeled Workshop with Gregory Ashid Possman 

Ribe, Denmark, One Day: Saturday, January 21, 2017

10:00 to 17:00


We will begin our workshop with a meditation channeled by Gregory.  This will be an opportunity to release tension, anxiety and accumulated day-to-day stress.  The Ancient of Days will guide us through a process of deeper and deeper integration of our souls’, light into our bodies.  Archangel Michael, will empower us to achieve our goals and greatness in 2017.  Ahman Ra, An ancient Egyptian God will fill us with light for healing, positive outlook and spiritual attunement, during these dark days of winter.  Vywamus will come forth, to open us to the elements of the Earth, which will have shifted by the beginning of 2017. Jalil 12th seat of the Council of Shambhala and Meera, 6th seat of the Council of Shambhala will be assisting us in strengthening shield of protection over the city of Ribe.    As always, intuition will lead Gregory to channel other Masters, who wish to assist.  Don’t miss this powerful day of spiritual growth and development.

Shambhala Gathering Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May 7, 2017 Gammel Brydegaard, Helnæs, Fyn

Shambhala Gathering

Friday 5th of May to Sunday 7th of May 2017

Gammel Brydegaard, Helnæs, Fyn

With psychic trance channel, healer and spiritual guide

Gregory Ashid Possman


The Council of Shambhala is a Council of Twelve light beings working for peaceful cohabitation and reunion of all beings and species in the universe. Gregory is an emissary from The Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala and channels messages from some of the twelve members of the Council. Gregory’s beautiful wife Sandie will attend this retreat. You are now invited to a Council of Shambhala gathering on the beautiful Island of Fyn in the middle of Denmark.


Channeled invitation by Gregory


We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala we are the 12th seat of the Council, known as Jalil.  It is our desire to encourage you to create another gathering for the Council of Shambhala.  We have already set the dates and the location. As you open to new possibilities on the planet Earth, you are continuing to move toward peace.  It is our desire to bring you together for another experience of peace.  All of those observing you want to see continued progress in terms of peace on your planet.  This gathering will be another family- reunion; however the aspects of peace and cohabitation will be more intense.  With all of the work that has been done on the Earth, it appears to us as though you are getting very close to being ready for a gathering of all species.  This reunion will be a model for the larger gathering of the entire universe.  This reunion, though attended by light beings and human beings, will be a prototype for the gathering to take place in the future.  Again we wish we could guarantee a time and place for the larger gathering. We cannot. In the meantime, allow yourselves to come together for an opportunity to manifest the larger gathering by concentrating your energies together on the small peninsula of Helnæs.  By being so close to the ocean, you will have a positive impact on the extra-terrestrials who reside under the seafloor.  You will also be sending your energy through the ocean around the planet in order to initiate greater and greater peace throughout the world.  Many of you who are lonesome, lonely for your families, will find your relatives at this gathering.  If your heart calls, give yourself permission to join us at this most sacred geographical location, and enjoy the energy of peaceful co-habitation in its most pure form.  We are the Twelfth seat, known as Jalil, we bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala.


Where do we meet


The Shambhala gathering will be held at the old Retreat called Gammel Brydegaard.

Gammel Brydegaard, surrounded by nature on all sides, is a most beautiful location. The ocean and forest are only minutes away, and it is the most peaceful and relaxing area on the island of Fyn. The energy and history is fantastic!




Most of the workshop itself will be held in a newly remodeled Nun-house located only a few minutes from Gammel Brydegaard. It is called “LYSET” (it means the Light). From this Nun-house (our meeting room) we have a great panoramic view of the ocean and the natural surroundings.

Gammel Brydegaard has two fantastic Tippi’s, in which we also will do some of our work on Saturday evening.



Homemade food, made from seasonal fruit, vegetables and meat will be served. Inform us if you are a vegetarian or vegan, and your meals will be arranged for you. They focus strongly on ecology and animal welfare.


Both single and double rooms are available. Most rooms have their own bath and toilet, but there are also family rooms with 5 beds sharing 1 bath and toilet, as well as, two summerhouses with 6 beds a few minutes away. We can accommodate 50 people, and rooms will be reserved in the order you register.


When: The weekend begins Friday 5th of May with dinner at 18.00 hours and ends Sunday 7th of May at 12.00 hours. Check in begins Friday from 12.00. At 15.00 coffees, tea and cake will be served.



Special Offer: Friday at 16.00 Henrik will offer a guided walk in the area surrounding Gammel Brydegaard. If you wish to join, you will see and feel the energy of the area, before our weekend begins.


Prices:  Payment below includes lodging for two nights and food as described below. Ice water/coffee/tea are all included. Extra drinks (soda, wine or beer) require individual payment.


Personal investment per person:

Double room:             5.000

Single room:               5.500 SOLD OUT


Please note: There are only a limited number of single-rooms. SOLD OUT

Option: If you want to arrive a day early, and/or leave a day later, please let us know. We can secure a room for you.


The Menu includes:


Friday:     Afternoon - coffee/tea and cake. Evening - 2 course dinner. After dinner - coffee/tea

Saturday: Breakfast - buffet, lunch - buffet, evening - 3 course dinner. After dinner - coffee/tea. (during intermissions - Coffee/tea, sweets)

Sunday:   Breakfast. (during intermissions - Coffee/tea, sweets)





Enrollment and payment of deposit 1.500. When we receive your deposit, your seat will be reserved. Balance is due, no later than 1st of March 2017.



Cancelation before December 31st, 2016: your entire deposit will be refunded. Cancelation after 1st of January: your entire deposit will be lost. (No refund).  


Enrollment and information to:

Karin and Henrik Grønvall Tittussen:

Payment (Danish Bank) AL-Bank 5387 0380335    Swift: ALBADKKK             IBAN:DK4953870000380335.


Until we meet:

Gregory will be guided by the Council as to how the weekend will proceed.


Bring clothing for both indoor and outdoor activities in these beautiful natural surroundings. We invite you to this unique opportunity. We would love you to be part of this fantastic work with the Council of Shambhala. People are invited from Europe, North America and the world. It will be a weekend of channeling, meditation, peace and Unity in a serene setting. We’ve arranged a morning meditation both Saturday and Sunday before breakfast.


We hope to see you at Gammel Brydegaard.




   Love from Gregory and Sandie, Karin and Henrik



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